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A massive ship sailing on the ocean under a cloudy sky
A massive ship sailing on the ocean under a cloudy sky

Crew Members

Every great adventure has a story, and the tale of The Coxswain doesn’t begin with corporate plans and a marketing strategy; it starts with Henna and Alejandro, a couple from Southern Spain who craved a joint endeavor that would unite their unique skills and passions, and so, The Coxswain set sail.

Meet our crew!

Alejandro, the Captain

With saltwater in his veins and an unwavering love for the maritime world, he's the steady hand on the helm of our creative ship. Alejandro's seafaring journey started long before The Coxswain set sail. As a seasoned deck officer at a reputable maritime company, he's spent countless days and nights on the open sea, charting courses and ensuring the safety of his crew.

Alejandro's role in The Coxswain is like that of a captain, guiding us through the often unpredictable waters of entrepreneurship. His keen eye for detail and commitment to excellence ensure that our products are of the finest quality, just like a well-maintained vessel. His experiences at sea bring an authentic touch to our brand, connecting us to the seafaring community in a way that only someone who's lived it can.

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Henna, Chief Officer

With a compass that always points towards creativity, she's the one who navigates our brand through the vast ocean of ideas. Henna's journey began on solid ground, where her love for storytelling and branding met the crashing waves of inspiration. It was here, in the confluence of her passion for marketing and the allure of the sea, that The Coxswain was born.

She also has the point of view of sailor-wives, those strong individuals who navigate the tides of separation with resilience, waiting patiently for their partners to return from their maritime adventures. 

Henna's role is like that of a navigator, guiding our ship through the stormy seas of digital marketing trends and creating messages that not only resonate but also make you chuckle. Her ability to infuse humor into our brand is as sharp as the North Star. She's the wind in our sails, propelling us forward with her witty words and creative wit.

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